Me On My Hammered Dulcimer

Hey you all,
I been doing the dulcimer for about five month now and this jig is the seventh song i learned so far.

"Un-bull-ievable" Hunting Bull Elk


New Header.

Hey you all,
Well today my Dad helped me make a new header for my blog. It has my quad, snake, dulcimer, and the Ten Commandments in it. I kind of told him what I wanted and he made it look nice. I am so happy he helped me, because I don't know how I would of done it alone so thanks Dad your the best ever, and not just because of that but because of what you do everyday.
Well that's all for now


Doing Church.

Hey everybody,
Yesterday we went to church and my Dad did a sermon on the second commandment which was really good. Afterwards us boys wrestled. All our family's took potluck to church.Then we came home and the younger ones went on a walk with my Mom.