Having Fun Out Side.

Today we played out side playing a couple of make up games. I also played with Devin Kruse playing baskitball and riding my bikes.
well bye


Playing With Devin.

Today I did school and and Travis Thorp came to get dads trailer so I could put my quad in it. Then Me and Ellie Played monopoly and played out side till Devin came to spend the night and we did my quad well it stated to get dark. My sister Kaila made some food for us.
Bye bye


Travis and Vickie Came To Eat

Today we did school. Drew and Tessa Deems came to our house to play. Travis came to our house as well to fix the wheel on my quad, when he got it done i started to drive and then it ran out of gas and we did'int have any so dad went to get some. I went to hammered dulcimer lessons and when we came home i got to ride my quad. We made a jump and I did no hands, feet on the handel bares, etc. Travis and Vickie came to our house to eat dinner and afterweards we played games with cards and another.
Well bye


Went on a Walk

Levi, Esther, and Karissa in the back
Today we did school and my Dad taught Kaila, Karissa, Ellie, and me about a video that we watched on James White debate Bill Rutland about Is it possible for a non-Christan to enter heaven. Mom took Karissa, Ellie, Esther, Levi, and me on a walk around our neighborhood.


Gone To Speech Club

Today we did school and a guy came to fix our TV. Mom and Ellie went to get some grocery's and then we went to speech club and I did an impromptu speech on vacations and that was fun we also got to talk to everyone there since we haven't seen them in such a long time so that was real fun.
Bye everyone


Crown and Covenant

Today my sisters did music lessons. Then we all went to crown and covenant and came home. Dad fond a note on the door saing that his laptop came and so dad took Levi and me to go get it and we got there just in time for it. We watched The Ten Commandments movie.
Well thats all for now Bye


Stayed Home.

Today us boys stayed home well the girls went and bought stuff. They brought me and Levi some matching shirts to wear sometime and we cant wait to wear them. We watched a movie and and talled about stuff. David and Devin came over and took a few movies.


Having Fun Out Side.

Today Travis Thorpe came and did some stuff on my four wheeler. Us kids played out side almost all day long We were riding our bikes and the four wheeler. I stayed up with dad and played pool till 12:01 pm.
Well see you Bye


Doing School

Today we did school and Drew came again so Levi and him had a good time together. My mom and dad went out to eat.


Playing The Dulcimer

Hello everybody,
Well today my mummu left and Drew Deems came to play with Levi until 5:00 pm so Levi had fun. I left to Do Hammered Dulcimer lessons I learned another song on it. I did school with Dad and Mom. we all drove my four wheeler.
Well Bye.


Ridding The Four Wheeler

Kolten ridding Ellie
Karissa ridding Levi
My mummu took me out to eat at Shari's for breakfast and then we went to several stores and came home. We all road my four wheeler around the field. Some of my sisters went to ballet and my mummu went to watch them. when they got back we ate and whached a movie.
Well Bye bye


Birthday Party.

Hi everyone,
Today I had my birthday party and
my Dad, Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma gave me a four wheeler. We just got back from Olive Garden with my Mummu. My Mummu and mom bought some pies and cheese cake, because I don't like cake


My Birthday Day.

Today its my birthday. When ever its one of my brother or sisters birthday we get to do the computer when ever, on are birthday so that's what I been doing some of the day. We went to crown and covenant as well. My mummu (we call her that because shes Finish and mummu means grandma.) came right when we came home from crown and covenant.
That's all for now so bye


Working Out Side day 3.

Well today I made pancakes for breakfast.We all worked out side again almost all day long. We put the rest of the wood shavings around the house. We burned some more of are pile and thats how big it got (top).
Well bye


Working Out Side day 2.

Hey everyone,
Today we all worked out side again and got allot done which mom really loved and all of us did. I was helping dad figure out how to do other stuff on the blog. Dad got some wood shavings and we put them in the flower beds. Us kids were riding our bikes for a little while. Me and my dad stayed up till 11:30 pm playing pool that was real fun and dad got more points then me.
Well bye


Working Out Side day 1.

Well today,
Well we all worked out side today,
I mowed in the field. Dad let me go for a little bike ride down the block. My sister Karissa made the best bread I ever had and my Mom made some soup for dinner. We also watched a movie called Rebeka of sunny brook farm.
Well Bye.


Dulcimer Lessons

Hello everybody,
Today my older sister went to apologetics at Mrs. Deems house. I did my hammered dulcimer lesson I learned another song on it called Let your kingdom come. On the way to dulcimer I saw my dads sign he did and we took a couple of pictures. My mom made delicious enchiladas.
well bye


Fire Time

Hello to all the people out there.
Me and dad stayed home all day today and cleaned in and out side wile Kaila, Karissa, and mommy went to sew again at Mrs. Deems house the other ones went to ballet. Me and dad started a fire that didn't last that long the biggest it got was, well look at the picture at the top. Kevin and Amy came over and had dinner with us I made some steaks for all of us. Karissa and me did a couple of games with paper.
Bye now.


Speech class.

Hello everyone,
Well today my older sisters went to sew at Mrs. Deems house for seven hours straight. I had to watch Ellie, Esther, Levi, and Katrina when my dad went to the Bank that was pretty fun. We also went to are speech club tonight w/ the Deems and some of the Kruses we all wrote thank you cards to the judges that went and judged us at our tournament and we heard some good speeches, and what they did was tell us about there life and so we get to know them better.
Bye now.


Playing Basketball.


Well today everyone did there music lessons except me and Levi I went with mom, Levi, Kaila, and Esther. Esther came at the end when we went and ate at Island Juice it was Esther's, Levis, and my first time that was fun. Then from there we went to Crown & Covenant that was real good I learned allot, after words us boys play fought and when we came home my older sisters, Dad, and me played basketball, and me and dad won. Mommy just came with Chinese food, Dad and me had really hot beef. That's all for now thanks for reading this bye.


The Ten Commandments

Hi there,
My family and friends did church today my dad did a sermon on The Ten Commandments it was so neat. When we were there we all went for a walk and on the walk we saw a dead raccoon and skunk thy were like ten feet from each other, and that was something.
well bye bye for now.


The Tournament Day 2.

Hi you all,
We (my family) went to the tournament today and my sisters broke to regional. It was so neat to see that and I'll tell you some others that broke thy were Creighton Deems, Victoria, Natalie, and Stefanie Emmons Alexa sleadd etc. This is are whole club, and if you click on the picture it will get bigger.We did more barn dancing today and went to Abby's legendary pizza. I can't wait to do it again.
well bye.


The Tournament Day 1.

Well hi again.

I went to a speech tournament today and did a duo (a dramatic story presentation) with my friend Creighton Deems which was How Robin Hood met Little John, I played the part of Robin Hood. I watched a ton of other people like Kaila and Karissa Anderson (my sisters), David and Destiny Kruse, Creighton, Dylan, and Tait Deems, and Natalie, Victoria, and Stefanie Emmons etc. We played cards during lunch break and when we were waiting to do our speeches. We also did a barn dance that was realy fun. We are going to find out tomorrow who won and what they placed.
well bye you all, who are reading this blog.


My first and post blog

Hello my name is Kolten Anderson.
I hope you enjoy reading my stuff I type and have a good day. I'm almost 13 years old I have a wonderful dad and mom 2 older sisters, 3 younger sisters, a little brother and one on the way I also have 21 cousins.
I do the hammered dulcimer and done it for 4 months I learned 4 songs since I began. I love the bible, leather,drawing, ships, snakes, hunting, cooking, building with wood and many more. I hope to be a preacher some day if God wants that.
That's all for now bye.