Hey I'm back,
I started Omnibus today with dad as my teacher and Ellie as a fellow student. I can't wait to start posting the new things I learn. I thank dad for putting his time into this so that we may learn and grow in the faith. Your the best Dad, I hope I will be able to do the same for my (hopefully) children. We are gowing to read Genesis and Chosen by God- R.C. Sproul in the next two weeks. See you soon, I hope.


Hammered Dulcimer

The Hammered Dulcimer
Another Shot
The sound hole

Hello People,
Last night I was given the best gift of the year. Grandpa and Grandma gave me a D45 Hammered Dulcimer gust finished made from Dusty Strings. Words can not express my thanks and gratitude for this. I will be hammering away for as long as is possible. Life has just been increased from happy to over controllable.