Hammered Dulcimer

The Hammered Dulcimer
Another Shot
The sound hole

Hello People,
Last night I was given the best gift of the year. Grandpa and Grandma gave me a D45 Hammered Dulcimer gust finished made from Dusty Strings. Words can not express my thanks and gratitude for this. I will be hammering away for as long as is possible. Life has just been increased from happy to over controllable.


Jopics said...

Haha, That is soooo cool...."Kool"...it's really pretty. I bet it sounds just wonderful. C U tomorrow. :D

Ted said...

Hey Kolten,

We've never met or talked before but I wanted to say congratulations on your recent gift. My wife and I received out first hammered dulcimer as a wedding gift 12 years ago.

If there is anyway that I can assist you in your growth as a HD player, please feel free to ask. I have some teaching videos on certain songs on my website...http://91strings.com/ ... if you'd like to take a look.

Happy playing and drop me a note sometime. Your Grandparents just gave you a fantastic gift. Have fun.

Ted Yoder