The Makers Hand at Work

The past weekend has been a roller coaster of emotions. Many of my cousins and family has made it to regionals. After we found out who broke to the finals we found out that my soon be cousin has past away. Once I heard the news I felt I came to the end of my rope unable to tie a knot and hang on. I had no idea what to do but walk around the building several times before I let my friends comfort me and I tried to comfort my cousins. This has been a great example of Gods immance. Thank God that He let us receive the news with all our friends their to be as one family. A couple minutes after we found out the apologetics rounds started and I went into a round to get away from all that grief in hopes that it would be a misunderstanding but it was Tait Deems who talked on the subject of God's Sovereignty. He based it all on what happened that God was in control. Then I knew it was God who sent the child to prove his sovereignty and why did I question God's plain, He who knows the way that everything will come to. Now it is in covenant with God because God sent His Son to die for us. I was surrounded by God's glory and that the baby was dancing before God and aunt Jodi who was the mother of the child was in complete satisfaction of God being with the child instead of herself. Then I knew it was true and I watched the duo's and became joyful only because the baby was safe with the King of Kings the same King who conquered death.

Keep the Kruses in your prayers.


Speech Again.

Once again a tournament has sneaked up on me. Now only 2 days 'till the big thing. This has been a terrifying, exciting, breath taking adventure. I just hope I'll make it out alive. Recently I made a little C.D. with 6 songs on it. The Cover for the front and back is (above). I hope that you will leave a comment if you are coming to the tournament if you are not coming still leave a comment by clicking on reply. If you cant come don't worry because I'll, I think have plenty of pictures or at least links to the pictures or maybe even both.