A Picture I Drew

Can you guess what that says

Hello everyone in blogoshpere,
I have this picture on the side of my blog but I thought that it would be better to have it as a post because you can see it bigger if you click on it. I will, I hope, see all of you out there tonight at speech club. Oh by the way I drew this picture.


How's your life going

How are you doing?


Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone out there in the blogosphere.

Today's the day, the sun is shining, and it is, Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving day. Remember Thanksgiving comes but once a year. I hope we all may be thankful for all the food, family, and friends God has given us.
Well bye


Close Up Pictures

A flower (I don't know the name)Sunflower
Grass and Sun
The sun peeking through the tree
The Holy Bible

Here are some close ups I took this year 6-30-07 to be exact. I am so sorry I haven't posted for a while.
Well I'll post soon, I hope Bye