Having Fun With My Wonderful Dad.

Hey you all,

Today and yesterday I've been gone (I still am) on a Mannatech Conference in Portland. We drove up here Thursday at about 10:30 a.m with Aunt Jodi and David Kruse. My Uncle Troy, and his son Kaleb Anderson came with some good friends the Blacks, Mr. Black, Josiah, and Zacherie Black. We been swimming, talking, laughing, and Eating together since I have been here. I'll be posting some pictures soon I hope.
Well Bye


More Garden Pictures

A bunch of pictures I put together.
Here is all the Mellon's.
Here is the Lemon Cucumber
that has grown of the bed
all that you see is out of the bed.
Me next to the Corn.
That is next to the fence I built.

Today I was in the garden watering, pulling weeds, etc. The men and woman came over to do men and women's meeting. Ellie always makes some cookie's for everybody. I'm sorry I keep on posting about my garden:-)
Bye now


With The Kruses.

Hey you all,

Today Karissa went with Mummu (Grandma) all day until tonight then we'll all see all see her. Then Most of the Kruses came down to our house to pick up us kid's so that we can go up to their house. We got to play a couple games of 4 player chess but only Devin, David, and I played it. Devin showed me his new rabbit Grandpa got him.



My Little Brother.

Taking a nap in my arms.
Hi you all,
Today I got to take a picture of little Noah Kaden Anderson. His weight was 7 pounds 2 ounces 20 in. He's the smallest baby mom has had. I am just so happy I have another little brother. I'm holding him as I type. Sorry I didn't post sooner.
Well thats all for now