My 14th Birthday.

Today I'm 14. Which means as you may of guessed that today is my birthday.
See you later


Happy Saint Patrick's

Hello everyone that is reading this,
(.boj doog siht daer nac uoy fI) I don't know why I posted that but have fun reading it if you can;) By the way I hope all of you are wearing green and a Happy Saint Patrick's Day. My Uncle Ryan and Mummu cam today so I been playing him chess a bunch.
Bye for now



This rock is called a Calcite
This rock glows bright green, pinkish, and blue under a black light.


Yeah, so, I know it is another late post but better late then never right. Ok this was supposed to be posted 2 days ago. I got these two rocks when I went on a tour of the Crater rock museum. I went with the Goldmans, Kruses, Drew Deems, another family, my bothers and sisters.
Thats all for now Bye

Hammered Dulcimer Song

This is me playing the Hammered Dulcimer with my teacher (Glenn Freese) playing Guitar in the background. I did this a little while ago I just never got to put it on yet.