Oh yes he does

I just want to post a little post. I want to say (type) that I think its really neat that Josiah Black has a blog. I hope he will do allot more posts than Kaleb does. Some of you may not know who he is, well he's a awesome friend from Washington. So I hope all of you will check his blog out, you can find him over there as one of my links named Josiah Black's Blog or you can find him at http://bassj.blogspot.com/. Oh no, this post is getting way to big for me and its not the way it was supposed to turn out I said, "I just want a little post" and now look at it. K thats good for now.


Clarion Forensics

This is a picture of our club Clarion Forensics. Well its not the whole club because some didn't come to the tournament. Oh I broke and I got 5th place in my Expos oh yeah. You can find more pictures on other blogs, that I have links to. I have to go so bye

Kolten (me) playing my Hammered Dulcimer

Hello blogoshpere,

Today I thought I'd show you this video of me playing my Hammered Dulcimer. It is being recorded by my recorder that Grandpa Ken and Grandma Dot gave me for Christmas. They are so awesome, wonderful, and loving to me and there other grandkids, Thanks. My teacher (Glenn Freese) made the Hammers for meI said that in the video but I thought I'd say it here to because it is so awesome and I love them so much he is the best teacher. They are so awesome. They even, as you may of saw, have the letter K for Kolten carved in them. Thats all for now.


2nd big day

Today is the 2nd big day. I hope today i will do better than I did yesterday because I didn't do that good so bye for now.


Getting ready for the big thing

Today I woke up at 5:00 am. I'm all ready thankfully. Pray for me.


Happy Birthday Grandpa Ken two days ago

I had allot of fun wrestling with you yesterday and I am so happy I have the Best Grandpa Ever. I hope I will be just like you when I get older.

My new chess set

The whole chess set
The white knight The another knight but it's black
The white king

My Mummu and Papa Dean gave me a new chess set for Christmas. She is so awesome.
Thanks a bunch