Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Today is my sisters 11th birthday. You have one of the kindest spirits I know of. Its not because your related to me, but because God has blessed you with gifts of being charitable, charming, compassionate, and cheerful through all that you do. She is excellent at being a great example for the other cousins. God bless, Happy Birthday and countless more to come Esther.
Type to you later.


Bowing Again

Full Bow
The name of the bow (Parker Sidekick XP)Broadhead
Cross Hairs
Name of the Bow

Today I was able to go with my Uncle Ryan to a couple places. I had the most wonderful time with him, thank you very much. Well I better get to what we did, right? Ok so Ryan and I went to get some stuff for my bow such as broadheads, arrows, and to sight it in. Of course he taught me a ton more about what to do and whats probably going to happen when out in the woods hunting. I get so excited everyday, thinking of how awesome the last hunting trip was and when I go again how much more fun it will be. I cant wait to shoot my bow again, now that it's dialed in. I hope to do another post soon.


I'm Back

It's good to be back to the blog world. It's been so long since I've been on here. So I'll just list some of the main things I've been doing, they are as follows- cooking, schooling, eating, dulcimering, reading, working, etc. I went, a while back, with my uncle Ryan bow hunting for elk near the end of September which was a fantastic experience. We went for 4 days in the woods and got into the elk every day. Thank you so much Uncle Ryan. I also did a little recording I did with my teacher (Glenn Freese) on the hammered dulcimer and him on the guitar. I started a class with my father (well not just me but Kaila, Karissa, Alex, David, Destiny, Collin, Devin, Anna, Ellie, and Emma) called A Workman approved by God which is by Mark Keilar. We've been learning about Hermeneutics. I've also been reading two awesome books which are The Children Of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien and Rise Of The Dibor by Christopher Hopper. Both these books are very well written and I advise you to take a look at them. The first one is the book that inspired me to write a book which I've been doing. I still am not sure on the title but it may be Unknown Age. Now don't think I'm going to start posting just because I posted ;)
See you soon (maybe) bye


Happy Birthday Collin

Yesterday was an awesome day. Some of you know and are aware of it and for thous who are not aware of it well sit back and let me explain it to you. Well it stated 14 years and 1 day ago. On that day was a birth, yep it was a birthday. Now can you guess what it is or should I say who it is. Ok just look to your (left.) : ) Now you see who it is, it's a....boy named Collin. He's the next down from me of the cousins. I don't know why he's sticking his tung out, I guess that must be Collin : ) He's a funny guy. He also is a Godly man as well. I know looks are deceiving but don't judge this book by it cover, ha ha you all say because that is as you very well know absolutely not correct I mean look at him. I was Abel and he was Cain I mean I was able to watch him play at Prospect because me Grandma took me. If you would of saw/heard him you would of been blown away at his abilitys of the Mando. Ok enoughs enough.
Type to you soon,


Happy Birthday Devin

Hello everyone,
Where do I start and finish..... oh well today is a fantastic day or as Devin would say a 1st rate day. Why is it a fantastic, 1st rate day? Well because an awesome son, brother, cousin, grandson, great grandson, and friend's birthday. Devin, as we all know, is a great person to be around. He always makes people have a 1st rate time. Devin is always working hard and enjoying every minute of it and always thinking of others in everything he does. Devin is a cool guy to sum it all up. Wow, Devin, how do you do it?


My Past Month and 21 Days

Wow its been a long time since I've been on the computer, sorry about that. I just can't believe its been a month and 21 days already.

What I've been doing,
Well first I want to ask if everybody has had a good day today. Now on to what I.ve been doing, I added Collin on the side pictures so check it out. Also I've been doing school a lot and my brain is about to explode;) I started my garden, and I went to regionals, I know its late but isn't every thing late now, you can find pictures on my links maybe:) Speech club is over:( and I don't know what to do now. Except for my Dulcimer, garden, school, drawing, weed waking, cleaning etc. Wow that looks like a lot but speech was a lot to. I hope to post more often k so don't worry...............well maybe you better. That's all I have to say about that.
Well good Bye


Pictures I took of great things

Try to find something odd
The whole thing
Even soft places to put the chess pieces
Yeah it's a chess set
Guess what it is

Hello you all,
Today I went outside into a wonderful bright sunny day. I know you are probably mad at me because of me not posting for so long, but that is how life is:) You see up above the great thing I received from my wonderful Grandpa and Grandma. It's a magnetic chess board. Also you see at the top some weired thing or maybe you don't, try to find it. I finished another book by N.D.Wilson called 100 Cupboards. It was a great book and I enjoyed it a lot.


My 14th Birthday.

Today I'm 14. Which means as you may of guessed that today is my birthday.
See you later


Happy Saint Patrick's

Hello everyone that is reading this,
(.boj doog siht daer nac uoy fI) I don't know why I posted that but have fun reading it if you can;) By the way I hope all of you are wearing green and a Happy Saint Patrick's Day. My Uncle Ryan and Mummu cam today so I been playing him chess a bunch.
Bye for now



This rock is called a Calcite
This rock glows bright green, pinkish, and blue under a black light.


Yeah, so, I know it is another late post but better late then never right. Ok this was supposed to be posted 2 days ago. I got these two rocks when I went on a tour of the Crater rock museum. I went with the Goldmans, Kruses, Drew Deems, another family, my bothers and sisters.
Thats all for now Bye

Hammered Dulcimer Song

This is me playing the Hammered Dulcimer with my teacher (Glenn Freese) playing Guitar in the background. I did this a little while ago I just never got to put it on yet.


Answers to An Intelligence Test

Here are the answers to the post Intelligent.

Question. How many of each animal did Moses take into the ark? Answer. Moses didn't take any animals on the ark Noah did.
Question. What is the name of the raised print that deaf people use? Answer. Deaf people don't need raised print they need to hear.
Question. Is it possible to end a sentence with the word "the?" Answer. I just did.
Question. Spell the word "shop." What do you do when you come to a green light? Answer. Go
Question. Spell the word "silk." What do cows drink? Answer. Water.

There you go for those of you how wanted the answers.
Bye got to go now.

A very important day

Hello out there,
Ok lets get right to it because a ton of awesome things happened yesterday.
The 1st thing that happened was that I woke up to another day to serve the Lord. Next I got ready to go to get baptized. I couldn't wait to get baptized. When we got there ( the Goldman's, Kruse's, and Us) David played the piano, then we sang worship, after that we all got up and said a few thing, the next thing done was my dad gave a little sermon on baptizam it was really good, We all got baptized after that, from oldest to youngest in each family (my dad baptized us). Now we are all part of God's covenant. The next thing that we did was we took communion. We than had potluck. Oh I almost for got there will be pictures to come or I might list a couple of blogs that have them.
Well thats all for now bye.


An Intelligence Test

Hello Blogosheper,

Today, right now, this very hour, I want to tell how to see how intelligent your friend, family, cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Dad, and Mom etc is. Don't show them this post just read it to them. Oh and 1 more thing that you should do is don't ask them all the questions at the same time, and it won't work right.

1st. How many of each animal did Moses take into the ark?
2nd. What is the name of the raised print that deaf people use?
3ed. Is it possible to end a sentence with the word "the?"
4th. Spell the word "shop." What do you do when you come to a green light?
5th. Spell the word "silk." What do cows drink?

Well I got to go to speech class real soon so I have to get ready.


Gone to Portland

Today Dad, Kaila, Alex, Karissa, David, and Destiny all left at 12:00pm to Portland. They went to a Biblical World view conference. Pray for them.


Oh yes he does

I just want to post a little post. I want to say (type) that I think its really neat that Josiah Black has a blog. I hope he will do allot more posts than Kaleb does. Some of you may not know who he is, well he's a awesome friend from Washington. So I hope all of you will check his blog out, you can find him over there as one of my links named Josiah Black's Blog or you can find him at http://bassj.blogspot.com/. Oh no, this post is getting way to big for me and its not the way it was supposed to turn out I said, "I just want a little post" and now look at it. K thats good for now.


Clarion Forensics

This is a picture of our club Clarion Forensics. Well its not the whole club because some didn't come to the tournament. Oh I broke and I got 5th place in my Expos oh yeah. You can find more pictures on other blogs, that I have links to. I have to go so bye

Kolten (me) playing my Hammered Dulcimer

Hello blogoshpere,

Today I thought I'd show you this video of me playing my Hammered Dulcimer. It is being recorded by my recorder that Grandpa Ken and Grandma Dot gave me for Christmas. They are so awesome, wonderful, and loving to me and there other grandkids, Thanks. My teacher (Glenn Freese) made the Hammers for meI said that in the video but I thought I'd say it here to because it is so awesome and I love them so much he is the best teacher. They are so awesome. They even, as you may of saw, have the letter K for Kolten carved in them. Thats all for now.


2nd big day

Today is the 2nd big day. I hope today i will do better than I did yesterday because I didn't do that good so bye for now.


Getting ready for the big thing

Today I woke up at 5:00 am. I'm all ready thankfully. Pray for me.


Happy Birthday Grandpa Ken two days ago

I had allot of fun wrestling with you yesterday and I am so happy I have the Best Grandpa Ever. I hope I will be just like you when I get older.

My new chess set

The whole chess set
The white knight The another knight but it's black
The white king

My Mummu and Papa Dean gave me a new chess set for Christmas. She is so awesome.
Thanks a bunch