Bowing Again

Full Bow
The name of the bow (Parker Sidekick XP)Broadhead
Cross Hairs
Name of the Bow

Today I was able to go with my Uncle Ryan to a couple places. I had the most wonderful time with him, thank you very much. Well I better get to what we did, right? Ok so Ryan and I went to get some stuff for my bow such as broadheads, arrows, and to sight it in. Of course he taught me a ton more about what to do and whats probably going to happen when out in the woods hunting. I get so excited everyday, thinking of how awesome the last hunting trip was and when I go again how much more fun it will be. I cant wait to shoot my bow again, now that it's dialed in. I hope to do another post soon.


Grandma of Many said...

Pretty neat bow Kolten. Sounds like you are learning a lot. That's funny that your bow is Parker since that is your Mom's maiden name. Maybe you will get an animal some time. Love, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

The bow is really big and cool! Have fun on your trip and be safe.

Anonymous said...

I like the pics!!
Cr8on Deems