Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Today is my sisters 11th birthday. You have one of the kindest spirits I know of. Its not because your related to me, but because God has blessed you with gifts of being charitable, charming, compassionate, and cheerful through all that you do. She is excellent at being a great example for the other cousins. God bless, Happy Birthday and countless more to come Esther.
Type to you later.


David Kruse said...

Happy Birthday Esther! You are so nice to everyone and almost always have a sweet spirit, attitude, and personality with you wherever you go. Hope you have a great day.

Grandma of Many said...

Happy Birthday again Esther, although this is a little late. I hadn't been on the blogs for a while. Kolten, thanks for honoring your sister. She is a sweetheart. Love, Grandma Dot