Merry Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve,
My family and I went to my Mummu's (Our grandma but we call her Mummu because thats Grandma in Finnish) We got here last night at about 3:00 pm. Now I reached my 70th post ya. I hope you all are having a merry Christmas eve and have a Merry Christmas tomorrow. My Mummu made some chocolate and peanut butter fudge.
Type to you later


I don't know what to title this 1 so sorry

Hey again its me Kolten,
I'm sorry I never posted what happened next on "The Cat of Bubastes". I thought I'd let you read it and see what happens next. I did finish it and 2 other books, well I just got done with 1 of them. I read 1st "Leepike ridge" by Nathan R. Wilson and 2nd "Finding God in The Lord of the Rings" by Kurt Bruner. They were both really good I really think you should read them and if you did high five.

Happy Birthday Esther

Hello blogoshpere,
Today is Esther's 10th birthday. She is so happy to be a double digit. Happy birthday Esther may you have many more.