Doing School Again.

Hey everybody,
Now what can I type about now. Grandma came to drop Karissa off from Grandma's.
Grandpa Ken also came to get his rototiller. I did the garden some more like watering etc. Me Dad and Ellie played chess together. We also did school some more w/ Dad we started some new subjects that were on God and Government, and Science.
Well bye


Having Fun With The Garden.

The fence that I made and ivy I pulled out.
My Pepper.
A Flower.
Find Levi with the tomato's.

Well yesterday,
I was working in the garden Pulling Ivy by the fence I made a couple days ago. Watering all my plants like, Tomato's, lettuce, pepper's, onions, and flower's. That picket fence is what I did a couple of days ago, that was hard. I hope to get an after picture soon. I made to raised bed's but you only see one now.
Well I got to go so bye


Trebuchet Launch 3...2...1...

This is me a year ago launching a melon in are feld with my trebuchet. Hope you like it ;-)


Some Pictures Of My Snake

My snake
Him again and a little spider.
Try to find it and tell me with a comment.

My snake is some where around 6 feet long. He's a corn snake and called a corn snake because his belly looks like corn. He eats a mouse once a week. His name is Cornelius.

Having Fun With The Camera.

Ellie in my hand
Ellie on my figure
Ellie on my Shoulder


Going To The Mountains.

Me on my quad
Uncle Ryan on his motorcycle
Some Tree's
And more tree's
Some of the trail
That's a canyon.
There's some mountain's
Uncle Ryan coming to the truck
Were it stopped
I'm standing on the road were it went down

Hey everybody,
Well on the third day of this month my Uncle Ryan took me up to Dutchman's peek on my quad and he took his motorcycle. We road for 3 hours and we sure had a great time. It was really sunny, and I was going over a 2 foot snow bank, and I hit the dirt w/my back tires and it threw me off. You can't really tell on the pictures but it got real steep at the top. My quad got a flat tire and a chunk of the plastic broke off. I didn't get hurt except for a couple of bruises. It happened in a second, God really protected me.
Well bye