Happy Birthday Collin

Yesterday was an awesome day. Some of you know and are aware of it and for thous who are not aware of it well sit back and let me explain it to you. Well it stated 14 years and 1 day ago. On that day was a birth, yep it was a birthday. Now can you guess what it is or should I say who it is. Ok just look to your (left.) : ) Now you see who it is, it's a....boy named Collin. He's the next down from me of the cousins. I don't know why he's sticking his tung out, I guess that must be Collin : ) He's a funny guy. He also is a Godly man as well. I know looks are deceiving but don't judge this book by it cover, ha ha you all say because that is as you very well know absolutely not correct I mean look at him. I was Abel and he was Cain I mean I was able to watch him play at Prospect because me Grandma took me. If you would of saw/heard him you would of been blown away at his abilitys of the Mando. Ok enoughs enough.
Type to you soon,