Merry Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve,
My family and I went to my Mummu's (Our grandma but we call her Mummu because thats Grandma in Finnish) We got here last night at about 3:00 pm. Now I reached my 70th post ya. I hope you all are having a merry Christmas eve and have a Merry Christmas tomorrow. My Mummu made some chocolate and peanut butter fudge.
Type to you later


I don't know what to title this 1 so sorry

Hey again its me Kolten,
I'm sorry I never posted what happened next on "The Cat of Bubastes". I thought I'd let you read it and see what happens next. I did finish it and 2 other books, well I just got done with 1 of them. I read 1st "Leepike ridge" by Nathan R. Wilson and 2nd "Finding God in The Lord of the Rings" by Kurt Bruner. They were both really good I really think you should read them and if you did high five.

Happy Birthday Esther

Hello blogoshpere,
Today is Esther's 10th birthday. She is so happy to be a double digit. Happy birthday Esther may you have many more.


A Picture I Drew

Can you guess what that says

Hello everyone in blogoshpere,
I have this picture on the side of my blog but I thought that it would be better to have it as a post because you can see it bigger if you click on it. I will, I hope, see all of you out there tonight at speech club. Oh by the way I drew this picture.


How's your life going

How are you doing?


Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone out there in the blogosphere.

Today's the day, the sun is shining, and it is, Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving day. Remember Thanksgiving comes but once a year. I hope we all may be thankful for all the food, family, and friends God has given us.
Well bye


Close Up Pictures

A flower (I don't know the name)Sunflower
Grass and Sun
The sun peeking through the tree
The Holy Bible

Here are some close ups I took this year 6-30-07 to be exact. I am so sorry I haven't posted for a while.
Well I'll post soon, I hope Bye


What I'm Reading - "The Cat of Bubastes"

Tonight I read 20 pages of a book by G. A. Henty. It’s a story about ancient Egypt called “The Cat of Bubastes”. It started out with a people called the Rebu. The prince of the Rebu is the main part of the story so far, where I am in the book, and his name is Amuba. The Egyptians attack the Rebu and win. During the fight the King gets shot with an arrow and dies. The mom kills herself by drinking poison because she didn’t want to be a slave of the Egyptians. They take the Amuba and a friend of his who is an adult his name is Jethro. They get taken to Egypt and are made to serve in the temples and then sold to a man with a son, wife, and daughter. They have a ton of animals. Amuba learns all kinds of Egyptian thinking and how they do stuff. He learns how to hunt different animals and kills a Neboot. A cat of Bubastes got sick and died (the Egyptians considered cats sacred and if someone had killed one they must die even if it was an accident). The priests went to search for another cat take its place but it had to be magnificent. They chose the cat of the priest’s daughter. Now to what I read tonight: the two boys, Amuba and Chebron (the son of the priest), both went to kill a hawk that had been eating some of their animals. Both of them went to the place where the animals were kept and brought their bows to kill the hawk. Amuba hit the hawk and killed it but Chebron missed and hit a tree and the arrow bounced off the tree and killed the cat chosen to be the Cat of Bubastes. Chebron, worried that he would be put to death, stood there so still that you would think he has a statue. Amuba, who did not know the discipline for killing a sacred animal, asked “what’s the matter?” Chebron explained the consequences of killing a sacred animal. Amuba buried the cat and leveled the ground and then wiped all the blood up while Chebron went to tell his father Ameres. Later Ameres (The Priest) taught the boys about God and how they had been worshiping false gods. He told them all about the Israelites. When Chebron’s sister came home she said the cat is missing. So she made a huge search party to begin a search for the cat.

I’ll let you know what happens when I read the rest.


Our Sabbath meal.

Hello everyone,
Saturday we had Grandpa Ken, Grandma Dot, and the Kruse’s over for our Sabbath meal. We had 22 people in are dinning room. I hope I can post a little video of it but for now any how you'll have to just hear (read) what it was like. At
6:00 pm let the fun began I like to say that is on the Sabbath. It was really loud because of the so many different conversations going on. We had all kinds of ciders for our drinks. We had some corn from my garden, sweetish balls, scallop potatoes, and salad. The Kruse’s stayed till 1:00 am talking. They left and we all went to bed.
So bye now


Ugachaka collection

Kaila put the Ugachaka baby on her blog so I thought I would kick it up a notch.


A picture of my snake

Well I told you I'd post a picture well here you go. Right I'm waiting for Roy and Ryan Parker to come to our house.
Bye for now


Romans 12:1

Romans 12:1. I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

We need to become a worshipful people, before we can become a merciful people.

This verse in Romans 12:1 has 4 key words that I want to talk to you about today:

Body, Living, Holy, and Acceptable

The 1st key word used in Rom 12 is:

Bodypresent your bodies as a living sacrifice

God wants your whole body; your head, your arms, your legs, your lips, and your toes… he wants all of you.

· 1 Peter 2:5. You yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

· The Bible, in Isaiah 53, describes Jesus as having “no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him

o God doesn’t judge us by what we look like (our cover), after all, even Jesus was a perfect book with an imperfect cover

o Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.

The 2nd key word used in Rom 12 is:

Living – “present your bodies as a living sacrifice

· We need to be a living sacrifice, in other words, we need to live our lives for God almighty.

· Present your bodies as a living sacrifice.

o He’s not asking everyone to die for Him; He wants us to LIVE for Him

· In whatever we are able to do with our lives we must live for God and His glory.

The 3rd key word used in Rom 12 is:

Holy – “present your bodies… holy… to God

Holy means “set apart”

Our lives need to be set apart for God’s glory and His purposes

· Heb. 13:15-16. “Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name. Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

· Some of the ways we can offer our bodies as a living sacrifice is to:

o Give praise to God

o Acknowledge God with our lips

o Do Good deeds

o And share what we have

· These are the things that set us apart for the service of God

The 4th and final key word used in Rom 12 is:

AcceptableAs inholy and acceptable to God”

You may ask, “How could my imperfect body be an acceptable sacrifice?”

· He isn’t looking for perfect bodies

o Remember, even Jesus had a body that was described as not having beauty

o He’s just looking for bodies willing to serve.

o It is through the Christ that our service is made acceptable

Peter Said “My body is to show that I love Jesus Christ more than any comfort on earth.”

1 Cor. 6:19-20 – “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.”

Hello everybody,
Today I did a little sermon for the elderly people in Alderwood. Creighton and Tessa Deems also did there Duo. So we had a lot of fun talking to the elderly people and seeing the Deems. I hope you all are having a lot of fun. I hope I can post some pictures of something real soon. Because I am only typing allot of long stuff. Leave a comment if you have time.


The Life Of Kolten

Hello my name is Kolten Victor Anderson I’ll tell you about my Past, Present, and Future.

First I’ll start with the Past. I’ve been very blessed to be raised in a Christian family. When I was born I weighed 8 pounds 8 oz. I was born in Washington North of Spokane on a ranch called AGK which stood for America’s Growing Kingdom or Anderson’s, Goldman’s, and Kruse’s. We moved here when I was 3. I’m Scottish, German, and Finnish.

Now to my Present. I’m 13 year’s old 5 feet 2 inch tall. I have an awesome Dad, a wonderful Mom, two older sister’s Kaila, and Karissa, Three younger sisters Ellie, Esther, and Katrina, and two younger brothers Levi, and Noah thus makes us a family of ten. I play the Hammered Dulcimer and started last December. Here are a few things I like alphabetically, Animals, blogging, bike ridding, camping, cooking, commenting on blog’s, card games, carving, eating, gardening, hiking, hunting, music, pencil drawing, ridding the quad, skating, and ships I like ships so much that my whole bedroom is full of them. I have 17 models of ships, etc.

On to the Future. I can only tell you what I hope for it, because it hasn't happen yet. I hope for 10 kids with a big house, lots of land, grass, trees, and rocks. I want to do a home based business called Mannatech which gives the best product and good money. I hope God will help me in raising God fearing kids because I can’t do it by my self. I want to be a preacher and turn lives around.

This is a thing I typed for Speech class. I didn't copy Destiny, because I already thought of doing it. We could only do 250 words or it would be allot longer.


The Way Back.

Hello everybody,
I got back here yesterday at about 10:00 pm. When we were on are way home Aunt Jodi looked up some homeschooling stores and found an awesome one called Exodus near Portland they were closed on Sunday so we had to stay another night. Now we got the next morning and got there at 11:00 am then left at 5:00 pm with out eating lunch and only had for breakfast was some yogurts; but it was really cool because there was 100 shelves and over 6,000 books. Over all we all had a blast and i can't wait to do it some other time.


Having Fun With My Wonderful Dad.

Hey you all,

Today and yesterday I've been gone (I still am) on a Mannatech Conference in Portland. We drove up here Thursday at about 10:30 a.m with Aunt Jodi and David Kruse. My Uncle Troy, and his son Kaleb Anderson came with some good friends the Blacks, Mr. Black, Josiah, and Zacherie Black. We been swimming, talking, laughing, and Eating together since I have been here. I'll be posting some pictures soon I hope.
Well Bye


More Garden Pictures

A bunch of pictures I put together.
Here is all the Mellon's.
Here is the Lemon Cucumber
that has grown of the bed
all that you see is out of the bed.
Me next to the Corn.
That is next to the fence I built.

Today I was in the garden watering, pulling weeds, etc. The men and woman came over to do men and women's meeting. Ellie always makes some cookie's for everybody. I'm sorry I keep on posting about my garden:-)
Bye now


With The Kruses.

Hey you all,

Today Karissa went with Mummu (Grandma) all day until tonight then we'll all see all see her. Then Most of the Kruses came down to our house to pick up us kid's so that we can go up to their house. We got to play a couple games of 4 player chess but only Devin, David, and I played it. Devin showed me his new rabbit Grandpa got him.



My Little Brother.

Taking a nap in my arms.
Hi you all,
Today I got to take a picture of little Noah Kaden Anderson. His weight was 7 pounds 2 ounces 20 in. He's the smallest baby mom has had. I am just so happy I have another little brother. I'm holding him as I type. Sorry I didn't post sooner.
Well thats all for now



Scrapping it off
Putting the on
Checking it out
Almost done

Now today,
Dad took Kaila and Esther to music lessons. Then some of us went for a dive in the pool. When I got out I went and did the garden some more. Well I was doing it Travis and Vickie came over. I made some hamburger today Well that is all I have to say for now.


Some More Pictures of My Snake.

Here's Cornelius, the Corn snake, in the Corn.
Checking the place out

Well hello again,
Today we did some more school. ; ) I got to take some more pictures of my snake.
Bye for now


Buddy's For Forever

Collin Playing Chess

These are some pictures of my best buddy's ;-)

People com'in over to our house.

Well well,

Today my dad took Kaila, and Esther to music lessons. I also got to see some of the Deems Ms.Deems, Creighton, Tessa, and last but not lease Drew. When they were here we all went for a dive and swam until they had to go. Then right after they left Tami, Anna, and Cassie came over. Tami had to come get a phone from my dad.
Good bye for now, but not forever


An Update On the Garden

A tomato
A branch of tomato's
more pepper's

Pepper's and onions
The entire garden
Hey Everyone out there,
Today I went and watered the garden. Every plant is about 3-4 times bigger then it was. I got some more plant's like herbs, strawberry's, corn, and another watermelon plant.


Doing School Again.

Hey everybody,
Now what can I type about now. Grandma came to drop Karissa off from Grandma's.
Grandpa Ken also came to get his rototiller. I did the garden some more like watering etc. Me Dad and Ellie played chess together. We also did school some more w/ Dad we started some new subjects that were on God and Government, and Science.
Well bye


Having Fun With The Garden.

The fence that I made and ivy I pulled out.
My Pepper.
A Flower.
Find Levi with the tomato's.

Well yesterday,
I was working in the garden Pulling Ivy by the fence I made a couple days ago. Watering all my plants like, Tomato's, lettuce, pepper's, onions, and flower's. That picket fence is what I did a couple of days ago, that was hard. I hope to get an after picture soon. I made to raised bed's but you only see one now.
Well I got to go so bye


Trebuchet Launch 3...2...1...

This is me a year ago launching a melon in are feld with my trebuchet. Hope you like it ;-)


Some Pictures Of My Snake

My snake
Him again and a little spider.
Try to find it and tell me with a comment.

My snake is some where around 6 feet long. He's a corn snake and called a corn snake because his belly looks like corn. He eats a mouse once a week. His name is Cornelius.

Having Fun With The Camera.

Ellie in my hand
Ellie on my figure
Ellie on my Shoulder