My Little Brother.

Taking a nap in my arms.
Hi you all,
Today I got to take a picture of little Noah Kaden Anderson. His weight was 7 pounds 2 ounces 20 in. He's the smallest baby mom has had. I am just so happy I have another little brother. I'm holding him as I type. Sorry I didn't post sooner.
Well thats all for now


Emma Kruse said...

He is so cute Kolten. I can't believe that you have a new little brother Kolten, it is really neat.-Emma-

Emma Kruse said...
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Destiny said...

He is to cute!!! I had fun holding him just a little while ago:) You are very blessed.

Ginger said...

Noah is lucky to have you as his big brother. You will be able to teach him many things as he gets older. What a cute picture of Noah. Love Aunt Ginger