Scrapping it off
Putting the on
Checking it out
Almost done

Now today,
Dad took Kaila and Esther to music lessons. Then some of us went for a dive in the pool. When I got out I went and did the garden some more. Well I was doing it Travis and Vickie came over. I made some hamburger today Well that is all I have to say for now.


Destiny said...

So that is what's up at your house...

Devin said...

Those look sooooooooooo good. so what have you been doing. Well got to go see you tomorrow at Vickie’s.
P.s thanks for the comment.

Aaron Sleadd said...


Those look really delicious!

Ginger said...

Wow Kolten...those burgers look yummy! Uncle John and I know how good you BBQ because those steaks you grilled for us were perfecto! I can still taste them. And your garden looks GREAT! Love you and miss you. Aunt Ginger

Ellie Anderson said...

Those were tasty.

Vickie said...

Hey Kolten I see you are a BIG brother to your new little brother. I'm happy for you and I know you will be teaching him things down the road of life. Skip the snake part tho lol lol j/k. Love youuuuuuuu

Joshua West said...

those look so good!!! I didn't know you you know how to barby q.