Scrapping it off
Putting the on
Checking it out
Almost done

Now today,
Dad took Kaila and Esther to music lessons. Then some of us went for a dive in the pool. When I got out I went and did the garden some more. Well I was doing it Travis and Vickie came over. I made some hamburger today Well that is all I have to say for now.


Some More Pictures of My Snake.

Here's Cornelius, the Corn snake, in the Corn.
Checking the place out

Well hello again,
Today we did some more school. ; ) I got to take some more pictures of my snake.
Bye for now


Buddy's For Forever

Collin Playing Chess

These are some pictures of my best buddy's ;-)

People com'in over to our house.

Well well,

Today my dad took Kaila, and Esther to music lessons. I also got to see some of the Deems Ms.Deems, Creighton, Tessa, and last but not lease Drew. When they were here we all went for a dive and swam until they had to go. Then right after they left Tami, Anna, and Cassie came over. Tami had to come get a phone from my dad.
Good bye for now, but not forever


An Update On the Garden

A tomato
A branch of tomato's
more pepper's

Pepper's and onions
The entire garden
Hey Everyone out there,
Today I went and watered the garden. Every plant is about 3-4 times bigger then it was. I got some more plant's like herbs, strawberry's, corn, and another watermelon plant.