More Garden Pictures

A bunch of pictures I put together.
Here is all the Mellon's.
Here is the Lemon Cucumber
that has grown of the bed
all that you see is out of the bed.
Me next to the Corn.
That is next to the fence I built.

Today I was in the garden watering, pulling weeds, etc. The men and woman came over to do men and women's meeting. Ellie always makes some cookie's for everybody. I'm sorry I keep on posting about my garden:-)
Bye now


King David said...

Hey Kolten! Awesome garden! I love it! You really do a great job. And you don't have to feel bad about posting garden pictures either. I absolutely enjoy it! Okay? :-D

Your Gardener Friend & Cousin,

P.S. I left a comment before Destiny. Hurrah! What? It probably won't ever happen again.

Anonymous said...

Kolten, I love when you post about your garden. It shows us what you have done to make it grow. It really looks nice and bet things taste good in it. You keep taking pictures and why don't you take a closeup of the things that have grown. Like the corn or cucumber or anything else. Take pics of the strawberries or grapes. Those are cool pics to see. Love you!!!!

Destiny said...

You have one NICE garden!!!!

John said...

Hi Kolten: Like everybody has said, if you are proud of your garden, as well you should be, keep those pictures coming. You should be proud of all the work it takes to make a garden grow. It REALLY has grown since we were there! Good job.

Devin said...

Hey it is your buddy Devin, I think you have the best Garden in the world. But it might not be as good as mine.(JK) Hahaha. keep on posting awesome pics of your awesome garden. God bless

Kenny's Favorite Nephew said...

make lots and lots of salad =)

Ginger said...

Kolton...keep posting on your garden...we in Arizona don't know it is like to have a REAL garden. I'm hungry and want to munch in your garden. Love it and love you. Aunt Ginger

The Goldman Family said...

I love the pictures! Wow that corn is really tall! You have done well my young jedi-garden-boy! HA
Hey everyone needs to know that Kolten's tomatoes are SOOOO AWESOME!!! I could eat them all day long. (that is why they never invite me over all day long! HA) Kolten I love the garden post as everyone else said...but I love the garden food better!

Devin said...

Hey you need to post!!!

Joshua West said...

that gardinis getting so big. nice job!!!

Kaija said...

Kolten, you have the best tomatoes in the world and you will also have the best corn, I just know it.
Love ya