Our Sabbath meal.

Hello everyone,
Saturday we had Grandpa Ken, Grandma Dot, and the Kruse’s over for our Sabbath meal. We had 22 people in are dinning room. I hope I can post a little video of it but for now any how you'll have to just hear (read) what it was like. At
6:00 pm let the fun began I like to say that is on the Sabbath. It was really loud because of the so many different conversations going on. We had all kinds of ciders for our drinks. We had some corn from my garden, sweetish balls, scallop potatoes, and salad. The Kruse’s stayed till 1:00 am talking. They left and we all went to bed.
So bye now


John said...

What a great post. Hope you can post the video. Did you cook steak? You are the BEST cook, ever!!!!

Kolten Anderson said...

No:( I hope to see you soon. talk to you later.

Ginger said...

That must have been another fun evening with your great families up there in Oregon. Wish we could have been there too.