Close Up Pictures

A flower (I don't know the name)Sunflower
Grass and Sun
The sun peeking through the tree
The Holy Bible

Here are some close ups I took this year 6-30-07 to be exact. I am so sorry I haven't posted for a while.
Well I'll post soon, I hope Bye


Ken Anderson said...

Nice pictures Kolten. I love the ones with the sun in the background...very neat. Even though they are old they look just as good. HA
Hey, congrats on being the winners in Nerts last night after church. Well, you and Devin. But just remember Grandma Dot and I won 1st. before you beat us the second game. I really don't know why you need to remember that but do it. :)
Love you much

Aunt Tami said...

Ooops that was me (and still is me) on Grandpa's computer....I got caught! HA Well, no turning back now. LOL He would have said congrats too I know. ;)

VICKIE said...

Those were really great pictures Kolten. Thanks for posting them. Hugs coming your way...

Destiny Jane said...

Great pictures Kolten! I love them all:)

Devin said...

I'm glad you posted. All of those pics are great.
God bless.

Grandma of Many said...

The clarity of the pictures is really good Kolten. Who knows, maybe you will be a photographer. Oh yeah, congratulations on winning that last game. It was hard to take but I guess we'll try again later. Thanksgiving will be a great time to have lot of Nerts.
Love, Grandma Dot