Doing School Again.

Hey everybody,
Now what can I type about now. Grandma came to drop Karissa off from Grandma's.
Grandpa Ken also came to get his rototiller. I did the garden some more like watering etc. Me Dad and Ellie played chess together. We also did school some more w/ Dad we started some new subjects that were on God and Government, and Science.
Well bye


The Goldman Family said...

Hey Kolt that sounded like it would have neat to be there. If you dad teaches school like he teaches sermons I'd buy tickets!

Destiny Kruse said...

Hey Kolten, whats up with you not posting? Post!!! Haha:)

Justin said...

Hey Kolten, I have a blog now. Isn't that cool. It's justinwest123.blogspot.com ... talk to you later