Having Fun With The Garden.

The fence that I made and ivy I pulled out.
My Pepper.
A Flower.
Find Levi with the tomato's.

Well yesterday,
I was working in the garden Pulling Ivy by the fence I made a couple days ago. Watering all my plants like, Tomato's, lettuce, pepper's, onions, and flower's. That picket fence is what I did a couple of days ago, that was hard. I hope to get an after picture soon. I made to raised bed's but you only see one now.
Well I got to go so bye


Kaila Anderson said...

Hey now don't be going and taking all the credit for the fence...after all I'm the one who had to rip out the old fence and cut back a lot of the ivy.
Nice looking garden, even though I see it ever day!!

Destiny Kruse said...

Beautiful garden. Great to see you posting more often.

Esther Hope said...

I realy like your garden.
God bless you. Please leave commits on my blog. The tomatos there realy
good. Love Your sis Esther