Going To The Mountains.

Me on my quad
Uncle Ryan on his motorcycle
Some Tree's
And more tree's
Some of the trail
That's a canyon.
There's some mountain's
Uncle Ryan coming to the truck
Were it stopped
I'm standing on the road were it went down

Hey everybody,
Well on the third day of this month my Uncle Ryan took me up to Dutchman's peek on my quad and he took his motorcycle. We road for 3 hours and we sure had a great time. It was really sunny, and I was going over a 2 foot snow bank, and I hit the dirt w/my back tires and it threw me off. You can't really tell on the pictures but it got real steep at the top. My quad got a flat tire and a chunk of the plastic broke off. I didn't get hurt except for a couple of bruises. It happened in a second, God really protected me.
Well bye


Devin Kruse said...

Hey Kolten, I'm glad to see you posting. I never new that you went to the mountains and rode your quad. Well see you on Sunday. Your

Best buddy -Devin

Emma Kruse said...
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Destiny Kruse said...

Looks like you had fun!!! Some of those pics are beautiful. Well talk to ya later:)

The Sisterhood said...

I'm glad you are ok, Kolten. That must have been a little scary, but it sounds like you had a lot of fun up there! :-)

See you soon??


Natalie said...

Glad you weren't that hurt, Kolten! It must have been scary. Hopefully we'll see you soon!

Joshua West said...

hay, i got a blog well this is a test to see how often you blog. as soon as you see this post write back. ha ha ha

Truckin T Bones said...

to bad your quad got busted. who ever fixed it after for you must be a genius! :)~