Speech Again.

Once again a tournament has sneaked up on me. Now only 2 days 'till the big thing. This has been a terrifying, exciting, breath taking adventure. I just hope I'll make it out alive. Recently I made a little C.D. with 6 songs on it. The Cover for the front and back is (above). I hope that you will leave a comment if you are coming to the tournament if you are not coming still leave a comment by clicking on reply. If you cant come don't worry because I'll, I think have plenty of pictures or at least links to the pictures or maybe even both.


Victoria said...

Hey Kolten,

I want to buy a copy of your CD if you still have some left. Just let me know how much it is..

Hopefully I'll see you tonight!

John said...

Go Kolten! I'm sure you will do fine. Just do your best. Love you.

Destiny said...

Well, I'll be at the tourney!

And I love how you made a CD... it's so good! You play beautifully!