Pictures I took of great things

Try to find something odd
The whole thing
Even soft places to put the chess pieces
Yeah it's a chess set
Guess what it is

Hello you all,
Today I went outside into a wonderful bright sunny day. I know you are probably mad at me because of me not posting for so long, but that is how life is:) You see up above the great thing I received from my wonderful Grandpa and Grandma. It's a magnetic chess board. Also you see at the top some weired thing or maybe you don't, try to find it. I finished another book by N.D.Wilson called 100 Cupboards. It was a great book and I enjoyed it a lot.


Anonymous said...
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Aaron Sleadd said...

Thanks for the update, Kolton. That chess set looks really nice! Keep up the good work!

Kaleb said...

cool chess set!

Devin said...
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Devin said...

Sweet post, all see you tonight. God bless


Ginger said...

As always clever and well done pictures Kolten. Always love reading your posts and hearing about what is happening in Kolten land!!!!! Love Aunt Ginger

Ruth Owen said...

Wow..chess...soooo much fun (sarcasm) haha lol. Well I hope you have fun with your new chess set ;)