Gone to Portland

Today Dad, Kaila, Alex, Karissa, David, and Destiny all left at 12:00pm to Portland. They went to a Biblical World view conference. Pray for them.


The Goldman Family said...

I will be praying for them.
Is your house more peaceful and a lot more quite without your older sisters, or is it worse? Not that you ever have a loud and non-peaceful house! :)
It seems weird to not have Alex here. I miss him. I am sure they will all have learn a lot and have fun too
Love ya Kolten

Aaron said...

Sounds like fun!

drew said...

Nobodey cares that I went to.lol

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks for asking for prayers for all of them. Sorry you missed Drew. I'm sure you didn't know he was going. The prayers worked as they got back safely and had a wonderful time and learned a lot. Love ya, Grandma Dot