A very important day

Hello out there,
Ok lets get right to it because a ton of awesome things happened yesterday.
The 1st thing that happened was that I woke up to another day to serve the Lord. Next I got ready to go to get baptized. I couldn't wait to get baptized. When we got there ( the Goldman's, Kruse's, and Us) David played the piano, then we sang worship, after that we all got up and said a few thing, the next thing done was my dad gave a little sermon on baptizam it was really good, We all got baptized after that, from oldest to youngest in each family (my dad baptized us). Now we are all part of God's covenant. The next thing that we did was we took communion. We than had potluck. Oh I almost for got there will be pictures to come or I might list a couple of blogs that have them.
Well thats all for now bye.

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