Kolten (me) playing my Hammered Dulcimer

Hello blogoshpere,

Today I thought I'd show you this video of me playing my Hammered Dulcimer. It is being recorded by my recorder that Grandpa Ken and Grandma Dot gave me for Christmas. They are so awesome, wonderful, and loving to me and there other grandkids, Thanks. My teacher (Glenn Freese) made the Hammers for meI said that in the video but I thought I'd say it here to because it is so awesome and I love them so much he is the best teacher. They are so awesome. They even, as you may of saw, have the letter K for Kolten carved in them. Thats all for now.


The Goldman Family said...

That is awesome!!! You are so good. I love the new hammers, very fancy. A K carved in them, wow. He sure is a great teacher, I bet you have made him VERY proud! You NEED to play for church sometime, it's so beautiful!
Love ya Kolten.

Destiny Jane said...

Wow Kolten, that was amazing!!! I love the Hammer Dulcimer... you are so good at playing it! Oh, and the Hammers are so cool. Did your teacher really make them? Okay, see ya soon and good job!

Ginger said...

Kolten...Kolten...that is just realy good!!!! You play the Hammer Dulcimer which is an awesome instrument and so soothing to hear!!!! Keep practicing...can't wait to hear you when we visit Oregon in the future.

BassJ said...

Hey Kolten!
nice blog, come check my new one out!
its at bassj.blogspot.com

-Josiah Black-