A Pencil Picture

Sidewinder (below)

Hello Blog Friends or Friends or not friends,
This is a drawing I just finished two days ago after not drawing for over a year. I hope you all like it. For those of you out there that don't know what the thing in the top left corner is, well it's my symbol K.V.A. I'm going to start drawing I hope a lot more but my next picture will be decided by YOU. So you get to come up with an idea or picture and leave it as a reply for me to do. If you have more than one that's okay and would be awesome. http://anchor10art.blogspot.com/
-Kolten Victor Anderson


John said...

That is sooooo good. I would love to see something else. Keep it up.

Destiny said...

Wow! that's really good Kolten!!

I think you should try drawing a landscape or something... but it's totally up to you! keep up the good work!!


Jopics said...

OMG!!! WHY WHY WHY????? Why are you so talented at drawing...and everything else for that matter??? I'm soooo jealous. Hmmm...you should draw...hmmmm...I don't know. Anything you want, lol. Oh you should draw a picture from the show. But whatever you do don't wait that long to draw.