Hammered Dulcimer Video


John said...

WOW. That is soooooo good. Man, you are getting good! No, you ARE good. I'm going to show all the folks down here how good you are. Thanks for sharing your talent. Love you.

Jopics said...

ZOUNDS!!!! You are AMAZING!!! That was really good. Thank you so much for sharing that. I love that song. My sister plays it on the violin. You are so talented. God bless you Kolten. =D

Destiny said...

You're awesome Kolten! =)

enough said.


Kolten Anderson said...

Thanks guys!!!

TJS said...

Hey, this is Tianna :)
That was so cool! Is it really you, Kolten? Wow!
I play that song on the violin too.
That must be fun. Keep playing!!!

Jopics said...

ya nana-head, isn't he amazing! i didn't know he played that well.