Hey I'm back,
I started Omnibus today with dad as my teacher and Ellie as a fellow student. I can't wait to start posting the new things I learn. I thank dad for putting his time into this so that we may learn and grow in the faith. Your the best Dad, I hope I will be able to do the same for my (hopefully) children. We are gowing to read Genesis and Chosen by God- R.C. Sproul in the next two weeks. See you soon, I hope.


Jopics said...
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Jopics said...

What is Omnibus? Sounds like fun!

Josiah said...

That is awesome Kolten, way to go, recognizing the work your dad has done and appreciating it...we don't see much of that in the culture today. You are blessed!

Cr8on said...

* Cricket Cricket *